Oh baby, yeah baby, it kills me

”I know that hope weighs on your mind, lost within the seams,
it seems like we lose ourselves in between.
But the harder things become, the harder you push away.
Oh baby, yeah baby, it kills me.

You said it, you said it
I’ll take you at your word.
These promises that you can’t keep,
it’s getting harder to hold on.
You said it, you said it
don’t ever let me fall.
Don’t give up because you’re losing
(you haven’t lost)”.

Sleeping with Sirens – Roger Rabbit

”Nobody’s gonna love you if
You can’t display a way to capture this
Nobody’s gonna hold your hand
And guide you through
No it’s up for you to understand
Nobody’s gonna feel your pain
When all is done
And it’s time for you to walk away
So when you have today
You should say all that you have to say”